Eigrp stand for Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol .It is cisco property protocols and it s work on DUAL algorithm. Dual stand for Diffusing Update algorithms.

How to work DUAL in eigrp for update routing tables in network.

It determine the most efficient (least cost) route to a destination.

How many tables create in EIGRP ?

  1. The neighbor table lists adjacent routers
  2. The topology table lists all the learned routes to each destination
  3. The routing table contains the best route (the successor route) to each destination.

EIGRP uses the following five types of packets:






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  1. shashi Reply

    Difference between IGRP and EIGRP:

    1. IGRP stands for Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. EIGRP stands for Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.
    2. Interior Gateway Routing Protocol is Classful routing technique. While Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol is a classless routing technique.
    3. IGRP is a slow convergence. While it is a fast convergence.
    4. In IGRP, Bellman ford algorithm is used. While in this, Dual algorithm is used.
    5. IGRP needs more or high bandwidth. While EIGRP needs low or less bandwidth.
    6. The least hop count in IGRP is 255. While the least hop count in EIGRP is 256.
    7. It provides 24 bits for delay. While it provides 32 bits for delay.

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