1) What is VMware and what are their benefits?

VMware provides different applications and software for virtualization.  VMware products are categorized into two levels, desktop applications, and Server applications.

It is useful for:

  • In VMware Running multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer/System.
  • Consolidate hardware to get vastly higher productivity .
  • It Save more than 50% of total cost spend on IT infrastructure.
  • It simplifies IT management and speeds up the deployment of new applications

2) What are the different types of virtualization available?

Different types of virtualization available are

  • Application virtualization
  • Presentation virtualization
  • Network virtualization
  • Storage virtualization

3) Mention different types of server software do VMware provides?

VMware provides three different types of server software

  • VMware ESX Server
  • VMware ESXi Server
  • VMware Server

4) Explain what is hypervisor

A hypervisor is a program that enables multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host.  Each operating system has the host’s processor, memory and other resources all to itself.  The hypervisor controls the resources and host processor, allocating what is required for each operating system in turn and make sure that the guest operating system cannot disrupt each other.

5) Explain some features of VMware tool

  • It offers a simple wizard for setting configuration(Hardware and Application services)
  • Web browser interface(i.e chrome,Firefox etc)
  • Easy maintenance of virtual machines

6) Define the term ’VMKenel’ in VMware technology.

VMWare Kernel is a proprietary kernel of VMware. It needs an operating system to boot and manage the kernel.

7) What is the purpose of using  Virtual Machine Port Group?

Virtual Machine port group helps for Virtual machine communication.

8) Give three reasons for using VMware Workstation

Three reasons for using VMware workstation are:

  • Enables the user to run more than one operating system on a single system
  • Saves the existing OS configuration in the form of virtual machines.
  • Allows you to work on different OS without switching between them.

9) What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure which also known as VDI allows you to host the desktop operating system on the centralized window server in a data center. It is also known as server-based computing as it is the variation on the client-server computing model.

10) Explain the importance of snapshot in VMWare

A VMWare snapshot is a copy of a virtual machine disk file which is used to restore a VM to a specific point in time when the system faulty,system corrupt or system error occurs.

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