IP Address

IP address stand for Internet Protocol address  .It is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer or all network device to each other . An IP address serves two main functions: host identification and location addressing. IP address classification in to two type ipv4 and ipv6. How many classes...Read more

Introduction of cisco Router and Network Interface

Router is a network device .It is use for connect more than two network like two LANs, two WAN’s or LAN and WAN. Basic interface of Router. Console Aux Serial Ethernet Network Topology Console:- Console port is used to connect a computer directly to a Router for configuration purpose. Auxiliary Port :-...Read more

Basic Router commands

User Mode Router > 2. Privileged EXEC mode Router>enable (Enter ) Router# Move Privileged Mode to User mode Router#disable Router> 3. Configure or Global Mode Router#configure terminal or Router#conf t Router(config)#Read more