10 VMware Interview Question and Ans.

1) What is VMware and what are their benefits? VMware provides different applications and software for virtualization.  VMware products are categorized into two levels, desktop applications, and Server applications. It is useful for: In VMware Running multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer/System. Consolidate hardware to get vastly...Read more

OSI Model

OSI stands for Open System Interconnection is a reference model that describes how information from a software application in one computer moves through a physical medium to the software application in another computer. OSI consists of seven layers, and each layer performs a particular network function. OSI model was developed by the International Organization for Standardization...Read more

Linux introduction

Linux is operating system .It is open source .It’s classification in to Ubuntu Fedora Linux Mint openSUSE PCLinuxOS Debian Mandriva Sabayon/Gentoo Arch Linux… plus Slackware ¬†Puppy Linux… plus DSL Linux installation method the graphic installer, the text-based installer, ¬†kickstart Basic Hardware requirement s of install RHEL7 32-bit x86¬†processor in at...Read more

How to configure OSPF in cisco Router ?

OSPF stand for Open Shortest Path First .It is a link-state routing protocol which is used to find the best path between the source and the destination router using its own Shortest Path First. It  is developed by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as one of the Interior Gateway Protocol...Read more

How to configure EIGRP.

Eigrp stand for Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol .It is cisco property protocols and it s work on DUAL algorithm. Dual stand for Diffusing Update algorithms. How to work DUAL in eigrp for update routing tables in network. It determine the most efficient (least cost) route to a destination. How...Read more

CCTV Camera Installation In Gurgaon

Tools requirement for install CCTV camera . Electric Drill Machine Line tester Multi meter Programming software tools Crimping tools This is basic information to install CCTV camera in Home and office also. Preparation of all equipment’s. Draw a circuit Diagram for installation of CCTV camera. Approved Diagram. Ensure that the...Read more